Every issue of Turkish Student contains pertinent information from industry experts to inform prospective students and their families about study abroad. Topics will include, but not be limited to:

  • Education system information, with contributions from Turkish professionals connected to promoting international education of specific countries.
  • Each edition will highlight a number of destinations, but also give general, up-to-date information about many.
  • Topics such as:

    • MA vs. MBA: Dispelling the misconceptions and clarifying the difference between MBA degrees and other Masters designations 
    • How to prepare for study abroad: Long-range planning and when and how to start 
    • Pathways and options: What are the various levels and types of post-secondary education, and which are right for whom? 
    • Education and job market in Turkey: Which areas are marketable in Turkey?
    • Specific areas of study and how to apply

      • Tourism/Hospitality Management 
      • Engineering 
      • Law 
      • Management/Business 
      • International Relations/Politics
      • Marketing/Public Relations
      • Transportation/shipping logistics

  • Interviews with known figures in the Turkish education system
  • Student testimonials
  • Editorials contributed by education providers from around the world
  • Important information on whom to contact, visa preparation, pre-departure information, etc.

Just as the field of international education is a dynamic one, so will Turkish Student be a dynamic, professional source of information for your future students.